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Need help from an experienced Crypto SEO Agency that specialises in Web3, Blockchain and Fintech?

Let's jump on a call, and we'll show you EXACTLY how we can generate relevant leads for your business!


While there are lots of exciting projects with exciting value propositions, many still 

lack expertise when it comes to SEO for Crypto, and producing high-quality 

content (product pages) that generate relevant search traffic.

Crypto SEO Services

With Telegage onboard, we can guarantee
that your project will be better off when it comes 
to improving your Crypto SEO.

Not only are we all Web3 natives, but we have a very solid grasp of what it takes to rank highly for targeted keywords.

Our 360 approach includes:

1) Thorough SEO keyword research 

2) SEO content strategy and production 

3) Product page creation/optimisation 

4) White hat link building 

Onboarding Process

We have a streamlined onboarding process that makes it very easy for clients to benefit from our services. All this entails is:

1) A free 30 min audit call

2) A follow-up proposal

3) Signing a contract 



If you are looking to expose your product to retail, I can produce content that generates organic search traffic.


Once I determine what businesses you would like to be exposed to, I can produce B2B content that generates relevant leads.

High level

If you are looking to produce thought leadership pieces, leave it with me, I’ll make this happen for you.


If you are looking for something more bespoke, then I’m open to seeing how I can help.


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Rafael Dunn

Rafael Dunn

Web3 Content Specialist

Rafael Dunn

Web3 Content Specialist